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Cupsy is a water pipe disguised as a simple coffee cup. Its revolutionary design pairs an unassuming everyday object with a high performance cannabis bubbler system. Cupsy has a ceramic bowl for flower that keeps the taste pure and stows away inside a hidden storage compartment when not in use making it portable without compromising on experience.


Puffco Cupsy

Looking for a water pipe that’s both low-key and high performance? Meet Cupsy, the cannabis bubbler disguised as a simple coffee cup. This revolutionary pipe pairs an unassuming everyday object with a powerful water filtration system, making it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy great-tasting cannabis without drawing attention to themselves.

Cupsy Design

Cupsy features a ceramic bowl that keeps the flavor pure, and a hidden storage compartment that makes it super portable. Plus, its easy-to-use streamline stainless steal design means you can enjoy a great smoking experience without any hassle. So go ahead and puff, puff, pass – Cupsy has got you covered.

How To Use the Puffco Cupsy?

Simply flip out the mouthpiece, load the chamber with your favourite flower and light it up the herb like you would with any water pipe.

Puffco Cupsy Features

  • For Dry Herb Only
  • BPA Free
  • Tritan coffee cup construction
  • Portable and Discreet
  • Ceramic bowl with a silicone tab for safer handling
  • Hidden bowl for storage
  • All-in-one design
  • Easy to clean


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