Can Perc
The can perc is designed with maximum surface area and precision cuts to enhance percolation and reduce drag. It is a beautiful and solid design that works amazingly with low levels of water allowing more space for smoke to cool down.

Tall tube is a 9″ with a 5″ neck for a total length of 14″.


65mm wide tubes make the best all over pieces for those who like a good size chamber but not too overwhelming. Sturdy, compact and incredibly powerful, perfect setup that can be used for flower or as a larger rig. The percolated tubes come with a signature bowl head.

For those how like extreme percolation and beautiful pieces, our doubles are designed and engineered with smoothness and drag in mind. When you double stack 2 powerful percs in a traditional way there are many problems with drag, water splashing, and uneven levels. Weve eliminated all of these problems by circulating the smoke through the “MUG HANDLE”. This feature gives the piece a more symmetrical look, better functionality and balance, and also gives you an awesome handle to hold on to.


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