Highly Educated Male Quartz Gavel V2 Banger

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stamped logo on fitting

available in 10mm/14mm 90/55 degree angle


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Newest Innovation in high quality quartz banger nails is the Highly Educated Gavel v2 quartz style bangers. These 100% pure American quartz bangers feature a 25mm fused quartz bucket which allows for high volume and increase airflow while the  pure SiO2 opaque quartz bottom brings out the best flavor of your favorite oils, shatter or wax.  The opaque quartz floor heats up much faster than clear traditional clear quartz but retains heat well, resulting in a optimal low temp dab every time. Purchase genuine Highly Educated quartz and titanium dab utensils from us at The Pipe King online or at one of our retail stores in Orange, La Habra, and Lakewood, California.

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90 degree, 55 degree


14mm, 10mm


Male, Female

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