Encore Glass Klein Recycler


This Micro Klien recycler by Encore is good for micro dosing and small dabs, the smaller can and mild diffusion is a good choice for dabbers looking for a low temp rig setup for maximum flavor and terpy dabs. There are only a few slits in the upline so it won’t break up the vapor exposing it to water and air to be turned back into reclaim. The klien design also helps reduce stale vapor and keeping the water fresher longer while keeping drag low.


  • Height : 7″ Tall
  • Wall Thickness : 4mm
  • Perc Type :Upline Diffuser Cuts / Klien Reycler
  • Joint Angle : 90 Degree
  • Joint Size : 14mm Female
  • Nail Type : Quartz Banger
  • Color : Assorted Colors – Based on Availibility


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