CBDFX CBD Oil Vape Additive 120mg

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WHY CBD VAPE OIL ADDITIVE 120mg? You can use any vape gear to treat your body to a moderate dose of CBD by simply adding it to your favorite e-juice. Or squirt a few drops under your tongue. 

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You need only a moderate dose of CBD to quickly feel its healing benefits for anxiety, pain, insomnia, and other conditions.

WHY CBDFX? The best CBD vape oil additives start with the highest-quality hemp oil. Ours come from plants grown organically at the world’s best farms in Europe. That’s right, we’re organic, so our CBD vape oil additives contain no toxic pesticide residues or other harmful chemicals. And they’re made with full-spectrum CBD, so you get all of the cannabis plant’s healing nutrients, such as fatty acids, terpenes, and amino acids. CBDfx CBD vape oil additive 120mg has three food-grade ingredients—they’re safe enough for the oil to be taken as a tincture under your tongue or mixed into food or drink.

HOW DO I USE IT? Follow the label instructions. Start by adding half a dropper to a tank of vape juice. Add up to one full dropper if you want a stronger dose. You can use CBD vape additive 120mg in your vape gear by itself, though the taste of full-spectrum hemp oil is distinctly earthy. If you want to try CBD vape oil additive 120mg orally, start with one full dropper (about 12mg of CBD).

ANY SIDE EFFECTS? CBD vape additive 120mg is all-natural, safe, and fully legal. Regular users report zero to minimal side effects, including no psychoactive effects.


  • 120mg per 10ml bottle
  • 100% organically grown full-spectrum CBD
  • Free of GMOs
  • All food-grade ingredients
  • Lab reports from independent testing for purity and quality are available for you to review
  • Made in the USA



Proprietary blend of CBD (Cannabidiol), Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin.

  • For Vaping: ½ to 1 full dropper per tank of e-liquid, based on preference

What’s the Best CBD Dosage?

Should I get CBD Vape Additive 120mg or 300mg?

CBD vape oil additive 120mg delivers a substantial dose of cannabinoids for help with a wide range of health conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. If you are relatively new to using CBD or if you weigh less than 150 pounds, CBD vape additive 120mg provides you with the full benefits of the CBD in just a half to a full dropper dose. It has a leafy flavor (like green tea) that blends well into all kinds of flavored e-juice, yet it isn’t too overpowering to take orally.

With CBD vape additive 300mg, you get a more concentrated dose of CBD. That’s especially beneficial when you’re ready to go to sleep or need relief from acute pain. For daily use, CBD vape additive 120mg is just right for Victoria S. “I absolutely love this stuff. It helps with my depression, anxiety, and energy. I’ve tried other brands and CBD oil 300mg, and they don’t compare to this. I definitely recommend this to anyone.”

Jonathan H. is new to vaping CBD, and CBD vape additive 120mg hit the spot for him. “This was my first time using CBD vape oil, and this was great,” he says. “The effects were felt quickly.” 

CBD vape additive 120mg is potent enough to help Alex S. deal with his debilitating anxiety. “I have troubles going out into public and talking to strangers without feeling overwhelmed by racing thoughts and emotions,” he says. “With a 1:1 ratio of CBD vape oil additive 120mg to e-juice, I have to say the effects are astounding for me personally! The thoughts or emotions that accompany a typical encounter have decreased to the point that I’ve been finding myself smiling in disbelief.”

Do I need a medium-strength or high-strength CBD vape additive?

CBD vape oil additive 120mg is a good choice when you’re just starting out vaping CBD and when you want to use CBD throughout the day. It’s a medium-strength CBD vape additive that helps relieve pain, anxiety, and other daily concerns.

I’m 50 years old and have some insomnia due to shoulder pain. This works great. It allows me to sleep soundly, but it doesn’t knock me out. I can hear the puppy cry, let him out, come back in, go to bed, and get back to sleep quickly,” says Mark J. “My dad has advanced Alzheimer’s, and I’ve been giving this to him nightly. It seems to help his overall mood and sleep. I just got the vape kit. Normally, I just do drops under the tongue, but I like the idea of trying the vape for relaxation.” 

CBD vape oil additive 120mg is a medium-strength dose of CBD you can take orally. That’s how Dallas S. likes to use it. “I really love this product. At first I used it in my vape, but it was nice to be able to use it under my tongue when I didn’t feel like vaping,” he says. “I’ve used it to relax me, help me sleep, and eliminate body aches and cramps, and it works amazing! I love that I’ve found an alternative to taking ibuprofen and Advil!”

You’ll know when you’re ready for high-strength CBD vape oil additive. For many people, that happens when their pain and other discomforts reach a peak, and they need a more concentrated dose of CBD to feel relief fast. If you’re above average in size, high-strength CBD vape additive will ensure you get the full benefits of CBD. When you find you’re using more and more CBD vape additive 120mg to get the same relief, a high-strength vape additive is a better option for you. 

How much should I consume daily?

We recommend that you first try half a dropper of CBD vape oil additive 120mg in a tank of e-juice or under your tongue. After sampling this amount a couple of times, you can go up to a full dropper if you want a stronger dose of CBD.

Melissa H. is disabled and has chronic renal disease. “My kidneys are constantly aching,” she says. “This CBD oil has literally changed my life. I use my vape every couple of hours, and my pain goes away within 15 minutes!” 

Regular doses of medium-strength vape oil additive help Justin F. get through his daily life too. “This product helps me with anxiety, stammering, and brain freezes,” he says. “I use it multiple times per day in my vape. It’s helped me get off prescription drugs such as Valium.”

Does it have a flavor?

CBD vape oil additive 120mg is made with full-spectrum CBD oil, which has all of the cannabis plant’s healing compounds, including terpenes and amino acids. It has a mild leafy taste (a bit like green tea) that mixes nicely with most flavors of e-juice. “It pairs well with sweet or dessert-type vapes,” says Gary R.

For Michael H., “the taste is somewhat earthy with herbal notes. It seems to go good with fruit-flavored e-juice,” he says. “I’m vaping it for pain and anxiety, and it helps with that. A few drags, and I’m good to go.”

Does it leave an aftertaste in my mouth?

If you take CBD vape oil additive 120mg as a tincture, you will notice its vegetal flavor for a brief time after it dissolves under your tongue. When you use CBD vape additive 120mg with flavored e-juice, you almost don’t notice its flavor.

Jeffrey B. has been mixing it with his favorite “all-day vape” e-juice flavor, menthol. “It actually improved the taste without overwhelming it,” he says. Best of all, he adds, “I have been able to cut back the frequency of my controlled pain meds.” 

Should I buy your vape pen starter kit too?

CBDfx vape oil additive works with any vape pen, but the CBDfx vape pen kit is designed to heat up to temperatures that optimize the efficiency and taste of our high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oils. It ensures you will never burn your oil.

Brooke W. calls the CBDfx vape pen kit one of her most sensible purchases. “I love this vape. It doesn’t leak, and it uses the CBD juice efficiently,” she says. “I am a daily user, and I now go through 1ml [of CBD vape additive] every two to three weeks.”   

The CBDfx vape pen kit and vape oil additive 120mg have been helping Diana P. with her health problems. “I bought the vape kit for my 120mg oil. I suffer from joint pain from time to time because of past sports injury,” she says. “The oil helps me with the pain, and I also sleep like a baby. I’m glad this is on the market, and I don’t have to take all those harmful painkillers.”