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    Package Includes:
    • 1 x Puff Disposable Pod Device
  • Complete Unit Dimensions: 133*17*10mm • Pod Dimensions: 42.5*16.5*8.5mm • Battery Dimensions: 120*17*10mm • Resistance: 1.3ohm • Coil Material: Vertical Ceramic Rod • Hole Size: 2*Φ1.8mm • Tank Capacity: 0.5/1.0ml • Tank Material: PCTG Plastic • Pod-Battery Connection Method: Magnetic • Battery Casing: Aluminum Alloy • Casing Finish: Anodized • Battery Capacity: 500mAh • Battery Color: Black • Unit Voltage: 3.2V • Charging Port: Micro USB • Activation Method: Button Activation
    • Black Stiiizy Battery
    • USB Charging Cable
    • 210mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • USB Charging Port
    • *Pods sold separately
  • The travel pack is the perfect companion for the dabber on the move. The pack includes: - Carb Cap Tether to keep a lid on things without the worry of it falling off. - Backpack to store a dab tool & cotton swabs. - Splash Cap to keep water where it belongs, and protect your peak from falls. - Atomizer Cover to bring the whole look together. 100% Silicone FDA approved material Dishwasher safe *PEAK NOT INCLUDED
  • The Puffco Peak Ball Cap is a borosilicate glass cap that creates a directional airflow. This allows you to consume every last drop of oil by steering it around your bowl. The ball cap also produces more vapor. It's the perfect add-on for any Peak.
  • ADVANCED KIT • Black BIIIG STIIIIZY Battery • USB Charging Cable • 550mAh Rechargeable Battery • USB Charging Port • Voltage: 3.4+\-0.1V
  • The Peak atomizer is a thermal-banger style, designed for optimal heat performance. It's made without the use of any coils, glues, plastics, or fibers, creating the purest consumption experience. It contains a ceramic bowl that provides the best flavor and heat profile. The entire atomizer disassembles for easy cleaning.
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    Aristech's Headbanger uses the latest technology for easy on-the-go vaping. The Headbanger features Q-Cell coil technology formed from quartz granules, which provide even heating and clean vapor. It comes with two coil types, the regular wax Q2 Dab coil and the Q1 Dip coil. The Q2 Dab coil is similar to a traditional vape pen where you load the coil directly.  The Q1 Dip coil allows you to consume concentrates directly form their container.  To switch from nectar collector to wax pen, simply remove the touch coil and glass bubbler and screw in the Q-Cell atomizer, then replace the glass. The magnetically attached bottom both covers your touch coil and houses a jar to store extra product. This device also features variable voltage so you may customize your experience even further.
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    This Puffco Peak glass attachment is a hand-blown borosilicate work of art by Monark Glass. Features a ratchet percolation water filtration system which calls for a smooth hit each time. Also includes custom color accents on lip and perc.
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